An operator shall be required to demonstrate several basic skills including:

Typing skills of at least 45 WPM

Punctuality and reliability

Ability to speak, read, & write English fluently

Ability to sit for extended periods of up to 4 hours

Hearing capabilities to hear over telephone equipment

Ability to work under stressful conditions

Ability to accurately coordinate job functions at a high rate of speed

Ability to reason

Ability to work shift work and be available 365 day/year

Vision capabilities to read computer screen and printed material

Drug free

Ability to interact favorably with clients and fellow employees

Professional tone/voice quality

The basic duties of an operator include, but are not limited to:

Answer calls in a pleasant and professional manner

Accurately transcribe call information

Dispatch calls according to an account’s written procedures

Follow up on all dispatched messages

Any additional duties as delegated by Management

The above constitutes the basic responsibilities of an introductory Operator and a Regular Operator (Grade 1). In order to advance in pay grade and advance

to the graveyard position, an operator must accept the extra duties and responsibilities of that pay grade and complete any advancement requirements.


Excellent Spelling

Typing Skills of 45WPM+


Ability to handle difficult callers

Reliability & Punctuality

Ability to work independently

***The graveyard position will require someone to work several different shifts throughout training to transition into a role that requires them to be alone and take all calls without supervision***

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